Sermon Outlines - Sermons From Matthew - A Man Under Authority (8:5-13) Sermon Illustrations

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Sermon Outlines - Sermons From Matthew - A Man Under Authority (8:5-13)

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                        "THE GOSPEL OF MATTHEW"
                     A Man Under Authority (8:5-13)
1. In Mt 8:5-13, we read of the healing of the centurion's servant...
   a. In which Jesus highly commends the centurion's faith
   b. Calling his faith greater than any He had found in Israel
2. This is not the only time we read of military personnel presented in
   a favorable light...
   a. There are several Biblical examples of soldiers
   b. Who were outstanding in their service to God
[In our text, I believe we find why soldiers were often such notable
examples of faith and service. Before we consider why, let's first 
review the examples of...]
      1. These two men were soldiers who stand out
         a. They tried to persuade Israel to trust in God, and were
            threatened with death - Num 14:6-10
         b. In the end, they were the only ones over twenty-one who
            left Egypt to enter the Promised Land - Num 14:26-32
      2. Caleb was highly praised by God
         a. At the time he stood fast for the Lord - Num 14:24
         b. At the time he received the land promised to him - Josh
         -- It is repeatedly emphasized that he "wholly followed the
            Lord God of Israel"
      3. Joshua was similarly remarkable
         a. In his farewell address (at age 110), he takes his stand
            for the Lord - Josh 24:14-15
         b. His influence over his family was great enough that he knew
            how they would choose
      1. His piety was remembered by the Lord - Ac 10:1-6
      2. In responding to the vision...
         a. He immediately sent for Peter - Ac 10:7-8
         b. He prepared an audience for Peter by gathering relatives 
            and close friends - Ac 10:24
         c. He was ready to hear whatever Peter had to say - Ac 10:33
      3. Cornelius and his family were obedient as implied in Ac 10:48
      1. Like Cornelius, his conversion was immediate - Ac 16:30-34
      2. His family likewise obeyed the gospel
[These four Biblical examples remind me of military men I have known;
men with similar dedication to the Lord, and success in influencing 
their families to follow them in their service to the Lord.
Coincidence?  I think not.  What I see is a particular attitude toward
authority, one found in the centurion of our text (cf. Mt 8:8-9).
Consider what is involved with being...]
      1. Without a respected line of authority, chaos would develop
         a. It is impossible for a large group of individuals to 
            function efficiently without a chain of command that is 
         b. Instead of united, coordinated forces, it would be every
            man for himself!
      2. Soldiers are taught to submit to authority immediately
         a. Delay can disastrous on the battlefield, where speed can
            mean the difference between life or death, victory or 
         b. Questioning authority, balking at keeping commands, can 
            easily result in one's own death and that of their comrades
      3. Thus the military teaches both:
         a. How to submit to authority
         b. How to exercise authority over others
         -- As expressed by the centurion - Mt 8:8-9
      1. Often obey the will of the Lord immediately upon hearing the
         a. They realize that delay can be disastrous
         b. They would not hesitate to follow orders if their lives
            were in danger, why hesitate when their souls are in 
      2. Often follow the Lord with a "whole heart"
         a. They understand the need to submit to authority totally
         b. If it were just a game, one might be justified to be half-
            hearted, not taking things seriously
         c. But warfare, whether carnal or spiritual, requires complete
            devotion and total concentration to the task at hand! - cf.
            Ep 6:11-13
      3. Often influence their entire families for the Lord
         a. By such careful submission to the will of the Lord, they
            set a notable example for their children
         b. Their children see that serving the Lord is serious 
            business for their father; there must be something to it
      1. Often raise their children in subjection
         a. Obedient to their parents
         b. Eventually following parental in obedience to the Lord
      2. This is not to say they are necessarily strict martinets, but
         they exercise authority...
         a. With firmness, making it advisable for a child to obey
         b. With wisdom, making it natural for a child to obey
         c. With love, making it with willingness for a child to obey
      3. Often become elders to rule over the house of God - cf. 1 Ti
         a. Having demonstrated their ability to rule over the house of
         b. By first exercising authority over their own household
1. My purpose is not encourage you to enlist in the military... 
   a. But to suggest we would do well to remember the examples of those
      in the military
   b. For we are to be a people under authority, the authority of Jesus
      1) An authority over all things in heaven and on earth - Mt 28:18
      2) An authority that demands that we do what He has commanded 
         - Mt 28:19-20
2. In an aged marked by permissiveness, it behooves Christians to 
   possess a military attitude regarding authority, for we are engaged
   in a spiritual warfare with Satan and his influences
   a. Not submitting to the authority of God with all haste...
      1) Could mean the damnation of our own soul
      2) And a bad example for our children
   b. Not exercising our authority as Christian parents...
      1) May lead to our children taking the broad way that leads to
      2) May result in delivering our children to Satan on a silver 
3. How much better...
   a. To be like Caleb, and "wholly serve the Lord God"
   b. To be like Joshua, and declare "as for me and my house, we will
      serve the Lord"
   -- Just as our nation says, "Uncle Sam Needs You!" so the Lord's 
      church says, "The Lord Jesus Christ Needs You!"
Is your faith like that of the centurion, who recognized the power of
authority when he saw it?  If you have not yet obeyed the gospel of
Christ, or need to return to the Lord, follow the example of Cornelius
and the Philippian jailer and act immediately!  You might save not only
yourself, but your children and friends as well!

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